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Ah, the holidays. One week of rest and family time. I didn’t have to work or go to class all week so I had time to go for walks, string my guitar, shop for new books, drink coffee, listen to music and cook special dinners for my wife (Kaiser was at Grandma & Grandpa’s all week!).

The drive across Colorado is always beautiful. We saw quite a few sheep and rams. The scenery is always beautiful!

Family time was great. My son spent the week with his grandparents and cousins; everyday was an adventure for him!

The big meal was excellent! Wade prepared brisket this year instead of turkey–that was great!

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Beautiful Colorado!

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my last five bucks

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What would you spend your last $5 on? I added to my library. (To my life.)

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its begining to look a lot like advent

Little hints of the holidays have begun to appear around our home. Tamara has been planning Advent activities for our family. We have gotten out our “Good Dirt” devotionals written by Lacy Finn Borgo, family board games, MST 3000 Turkey Day marathon box set, and a few other reminders.

Our home church is collecting food to make wonderful meals for local families.

We will begin a new family tradition this year as we celebrate and observe the birth of Jesus. From this year on, we will place a manger, an animal trough, to place gifts in. We will add gifts and money to share with others who might be in need. We will also add brochures of the ministries we support, being careful to pray for them.

The holiday season can be lonely for many people, extend a hand to those in need. Beware the many distractions. Be grateful.

You can get your Good Dirt devotional here: Good Dirt!

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meet the cast of star wars

Star Wars Figures Nov 2015 (8)

A professor at my school loaned his Star Wars figure collection to the library. Pretty cool to see all the guys!

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Star Wars Figures Nov 2015 (19)

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my mountain, how are you?

riceplanting 005

Can you tell me; how’s my mountain? Have they left her alone; is she healing? Will I recognize her when I return?

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force of youth

DSCF9603We are clinging to summer. The weather teases us with warmth and cold.  We’ll continue to play outside as long as possible!


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a little weekend: fighter jets, cupcakes, and brothers

Airshow Oct 2015 (2)(Above) We started the week celebrating Tamara’s birthday. We took her to a good restaurant for ribs, she got a nice pile of gifts, and we had dessert at home.

(Below) We went “home” for the weekend. Grandma and Kaiser made cookies together.

Airshow Oct 2015 (5)(Below) In the evening I hosted a baby shower for Wes & Em who are expecting their first child in a few months. A dozen guy friends and lots of brothers came to celebrate with Wes, to give a large pile of new baby gear; and I made 5 gallons of chili, we had dessert and coffee, and we prayed for the new parents. It was fun!

(Below) Over that same weekend we went to an airshow. Among the many aircraft, my favorites were the T-28, the infamous Japanese fighters, the F-18, the B-17, and of course the F-16’s flown by the Thunderbird pilots!

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