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sunny saturday 057 - Copy

We had a great start to a three-day weekend. Kyz and I headed to the park while mom baked a cake. We found many signs of spring–enjoy!

At the park, a local mom took the time to chase all the kids, inciting squeals of laughter and excitment. The kids loved being chased. She was a wonderful momster.

sunny saturday 122 - Copy

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rising son

Yeachan Visit 011

We had another sleepover, another night of pizza, movies, epic tank battles and tablet games–long into the night. My philosophy: if your homework is finished, and your responsibilities are taken care of–then playtime! Have fun!

Also, our guest tested for his second black Hapkido belt. He did a great job!

Yeachan Visit 104

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slouching tiger, winning dino

tigerbaseball 050

Tamara got us seats in the expat skybox at the new baseball stadium: KIA Tigers Champion’s Field. It was great to be back to watch a game for family night–especially in a box.  The box has comfy seats outside and couches and a large screen inside. Comfy eitherway. The outside seats are dangerous though. If a southpaw bats a foul it comes screaming into our box–four so far this season.

This game was between the local favorite, KIA Tigers and the NC Dinos. Dinos won, but it was a fun time anyway!

tigerbaseball 051

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tigerbaseball 076

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walking in the rain

rainwalk 041

Went for a nice walk in a light rain with my son. We walked along the hills finding new paths and vistas. Spring is beautiful in the rain and mist.

rainwalk 010

rainwalk 031

rainwalk 039

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saturday morning: a time for friends

Yeasonsleepover (171)Kyz had one of his buddies over for a Saturday morning adventure. The boys stayed up late to watch “Godzilla” (1998) and play some tablet games. They also play at the park for hours, had ice cream at the corner store and another couple hours at another park. For lunch, the boys had seashell alfredo with ham.

Yeasonsleepover (117)

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wonder: between science and magic

sciencemuseum 038sciencemuseum 049Today we spent the whole morning and afternoon at the science museum, it’s a hands-on, high-tech, interactive museum for kids (and parents!). The museum is in a corner of the city where there is a prestigious tech college and tech high school. They are probably affiliated.

We walked the entire museum and did everything, then ate lunch, drank coffee, and walked around again and did everything once more.

The best part was the CSI room. Somehow–and fortunately, my son and I were the only ones in the crime scene. The crime scene is a dark, abandoned office of a scientist. There is a chalk outline of a body on the floor and dimly lit corners of the room where clues are. There are UV lights for the kids to reveal hidden clues. We were in there for half an hour going over everything: finding clues and developing a scenario. It was like being on a movie set–very cool! (More below.)

We also looked through a special telescope that allowed us to see the surface of the sun, we dipped our fingers in a tank of doctor fish, which nibbled the dead skin from our finger tips. We went through rooms of medical tech, mechanical science, dino bones and archeology, and wondered at whimsical machinery.

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sunday morning walk in the sun

walk 005

Just some photos from my Sunday morning walk.

walk 010 walk 012 walk 016 walk 018 walk 025 walk 027 walk 031 walk 032 walk 035 walk 044 walk 049 walk 050

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