wonder: between science and magic

sciencemuseum 038sciencemuseum 049Today we spent the whole morning and afternoon at the science museum, it’s a hands-on, high-tech, interactive museum for kids (and parents!). The museum is in a corner of the city where there is a prestigious tech college and tech high school. They are probably affiliated.

We walked the entire museum and did everything, then ate lunch, drank coffee, and walked around again and did everything once more.

The best part was the CSI room. Somehow–and fortunately, my son and I were the only ones in the crime scene. The crime scene is a dark, abandoned office of a scientist. There is a chalk outline of a body on the floor and dimly lit corners of the room where clues are. There are UV lights for the kids to reveal hidden clues. We were in there for half an hour going over everything: finding clues and developing a scenario. It was like being on a movie set–very cool! (More below.)

We also looked through a special telescope that allowed us to see the surface of the sun, we dipped our fingers in a tank of doctor fish, which nibbled the dead skin from our finger tips. We went through rooms of medical tech, mechanical science, dino bones and archeology, and wondered at whimsical machinery.

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sunday morning walk in the sun

walk 005

Just some photos from my Sunday morning walk.

walk 010 walk 012 walk 016 walk 018 walk 025 walk 027 walk 031 walk 032 walk 035 walk 044 walk 049 walk 050

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our neighborhood

ilgokdong 002I took a walk up the hill that over looks our neighborhood. The school I work at is the large brown brick building across from the church with the high spire. Our apartment is across the street–no commute for me! And I come home for lunch, coffee and family time.

ilgokdong 003ilgokdong 004ilgokdong 007

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time well wasted: sleeping river, bridge of stories

Cheomdan River 111Cheomdan River 030We headed to the river today to scout for good fishing spots. I’d like to do more fishing this season. It was too cold and too soon to really fish, but I cast a few lures anyway. I was surprised to see so many ducks–in fact, I have never seen any ducks here in the past two years I have fished this spot.

Fortunately I don’t fish to survive, but rather for father/son time. We always visit the same kimbap shop and the same store for drinks and snacks, and we always read Psalm 1 for discussion. We also stopped by a cafe for a cappuccino. The weather was perfect, father and son had a good adventure, and I got a few good pictures–nothing to complain about. Heart of gratitude.

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thanks dad

firstsunnyday 148Celebrating all the Korean dads who got out of bed this morning just to play with their kids!

firstsunnyday 135 firstsunnyday 132 firstsunnyday 122 firstsunnyday 062 firstsunnyday 088 firstsunnyday 064firstsunnyday 134

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first sunny day

firstsunnyday 004The sun was out today and the wind was nice and cool–perfect for our first few hours of outdoor playtime; and we weren’t alone! It was great to see other families out to play. Families were playing baseball, riding bikes, chasing bubbles and laughing together. We are grateful for living in a family-friendly neighborhood. We love this park!

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firstsunnyday 108

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saturday pizza and games

pizza 031Today was a well-earned Saturday. This past week was the first week of classes; some tension there, but a good week overall. We met a friend, BH from Connecticut, downtown at the Canadian restaurant First Alleyway, for the best pizza in town.

Afterward, we went to the arcade for some game time. The buses and streets are busier and more crowded on the weekend, but that’s part if city life. We don’t come to the city center often, the big attraction for us is the First Alleyway–best food for expats!

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pizza 005

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