Here are the new cars I picked up this weekend: COPO Corvette, Bat Mobile, Go Cart, T-Hunt ’57 Chevy and MBX Atlantis Space Shuttle. Not bad for a Friday!

The stores were packed and I still found keepers. In fact, I was the first person to dig into a large box of HW’s, there were at least 200 cars in there; I got lucky!

At another store an employee happened to be stocking HW’s at 5:00 pm; they never stock in the evening, it’s too busy in the store. There were hundreds of peeps in there. The employee kindly offered to let me open SIX brand new cases of HW’s! I had to change my pants! I couldn’t believe my luck, that’s how I got the T-Hunt.

But I have to say, the MBX Atlantis is pretty cool, not only for the kids to play with, but because it is all but phased out of use. I am glad to have a little piece of history, and now my son will too.