I found out from my Canadian Hot Wheels mafia contact that the Delivery series is discontinued, the 2010 models are the last. So I woke my son up and drove to the store to grab a few. When he is older he will get to have these cool delivery trucks to play with! They have a metal chasis and body, custom rims and real rubber tires. Any boy in the world would love to have these!

I found these two Matchbox “Hitch-n-Haul” play sets and had to have them. They are from 2009, some how I missed them, but now they are MINE! (I mean “ours”.) They also made a monster movie set, mummie with treasure, underwater adventures with giant squids and sharks–perfect for boy’s imaginations. Most of our cars are race cars, so it is nice to have trucks and trailers, and a snow mobile! They were only $5 each, but Big Lots now has them for $4.50.

Here is the catch of the day: two Johhny Lightning military rides. One WWII Dodge ambulance and a cargo hummer. Full metal with rubber tires, and the hoods open in case you have to work on the engines.

Being a geek dad isn’t that hard, you just have to know where to shop!