Tamara and Grandma Lil had a big day planned for Kaiser and his four cousins, only to find out that all the kid spots were closed. The Children’s Museum and kid’s gymnastics and swimming were closed, too. Pretty weird since school is also closed, so there are hundreds of families with nothing to do. (The little boy in the background, striped shirt, is William, born the same week to friends of ours–everyone is here today!)

So everyone gravitated toward the only other indoor playground. I’m sure you know the one, they have burgers, fries and sundaes, too. Kaiser met a nice young girl to pal around with (purple) while his cousin (pink) joins in.

Grandma Lil and Aleah enjoy their lunch together, this is girl time!

Lanae Who Smiles enjoys her sundae before running off to play. Her two brothers hadn’t arrived yet; it’s still quiet and wrestling is at a minimum–so far!