This week in Hot Wheels I found this special edition Karmann Ghia at the grocery store. The grocery store doesn’t carry high-end Hot Wheels, so I’m am not sure how it got there, and it was on sale. Glad to have a spectraflame green Ghia in the mix!

I finally picked up the last of my MBX wants for 2010: Brush Fire Truck, Sahara Survivor and Cadillac Ambulance. I also found an older VW van. These are nice utility vehicles to go with the flashy Hot Wheels. Someone has to do the dirty work, life isn’t all night life and parties!

This car and truck set is made by Maisto. They look great and play well and are unique; also on sale at 50% off. Just had to have one!

Here are some older Hot Wheels from ten years ago: a star spangled Deora II, a stealth racer and a muscle car with a flying tiger grin.  Great cars for the race track!