High school was a time of innocent fun, personal growth and self-discovery. I have so many wonderful memories of me and my friends at the skate park, on road trips and at concerts.

I found this picture of me and an old girlfriend floating around the internet. It brought back such fond memories of young love. I remember dancing to the sweet melodies of the Ramones’ “Beat the Brat”, which my girlfriend, Shirley, took quit literally.

I have since connected with Shirley on Facebook. I found her list of felonies, which she had tattooed on her arms, quite daunting. Most people don’t consider the Seven Deadly Sins as a to-do list. Perhaps it was the years of bar fights, or working as a bouncer, but I found that she is not quite the enchantress she was in high school. Then again, I’m not the dashing young rebel I was then, either.

I have since found my way to the suburbs, a full-time job and a wonderful marriage. I have paid my debts. I iron my shirts. But every year, on November 5th, I get out my black jacket and skate board and celebrate Bryan Adams’ birthday.

If you see a fat, old guy flying down the street on a skateboard, with the wind blowing over his melon, it’s just me celebrating the memory of my youth–and giving the police a good run.

“Summer of ’69!” I yell, Summer of ’69…