I built a play table for Kaiser to run his cars and trucks on. I designed it for two kids to play on, one on each side.

There is some detail work to do on it, but pretty much done. He seems happy with it!

Before. The primed base taped for black top. This is where hundreds of cars will burn-out and get chased by the cops!

The whole thing. I installed support 2×4’s into the studs, which might make it boy proof. Kaiser likes to climb up and walk through town–kind’a like Godzilla! There is an Army base on each end, one for each boy; equal real-estate to play through (two levels).

Green acres is the place to be…

Noodle shop, cafe, fire/rescue, and police/jail. The brown building will be complete when I fit it with a man’s pocket watch, making it a clock tower; just can’t find one.

Fuel island, car wash, post office, and “Sweet Spot Cakes”. This half of the table lifts up, revealing a storage area. I will install white 1×4 trim around the edges to keep the cars and Lego’s on it.

The last thing I want to do is beyond my abilities. I want to wire it for sound effects: car races, horn honking, sirens, helicopters, etc… I am currently in touch with three genius electrical engineers, maybe they can explain how I can incorporate sound effects!

I invite you to send a cool sticker for me to put on the table, maybe: college, favorite radio station, auto parts dealer, favorite car maker… Email me for our address!

I would like to thank everyone who contributed: Dad for the saw and drill, Wes for the paint, Mom for the car wash, Wade for the jig saw and Terran and Naomi for the Sake label on the noodle shop. I appreciate your generosity!