Spent some time playing outside when I got home from work. Arlin and I put the tether ball in before Kaiser was born, now he can say he’s played his whole life. The ball has been signed by all the kids who play here: Keagan, Kaden, Aleah, Hannah, Naomi and Elizabeth.

I also installed climbing holds on the post because in Colorado people climb everything from mountains and boulders, to ice formations. Wes and Arlin built their own climbing wall, and the boys especially enjoy it!


Kitty came home for a bite to eat, Kaiser was glad to see him. It’s been a few days.


A little sidewalk chalk to brighten a winter evening.

I’d like to thank everyone who stopped by to view the play table, one-hundred thirty people looked at this post–I don’t get that many visits in a year! And thanks for the comments, that’s encouraging!