Vanessa’s birthday party: PAINT IT BLACK!

Vanessa wanted a Goth birthday party, so we all crept in from our haunts, dingy cellars and bell towers.

Me and Tamara. I’m a punk she’s depressed, but she gets to go home with the drummer!

Little goblins! The young girl, Rosemary, is the terror of the track at the Hot Wheels car shows. She won cars from everyone (She’s also Tamara’s piano student). The zombie, Issac, is my original Hot Wheels buddy; nice kid when he’s not trying to eat my brains.

Bill. I used to work at Walmart with him. He’s usually more cheerful.

Shoes, boots and a graveyard cake.

Jim. My Steampunk friend. He actually arrived from another dimension just for this party; thanks Jim! He also runs the track at the Hot Wheels car shows.

It’s nice to see how well our alternate realities blend together. Tomorrow we will all be normal again while secretly hoping Vanessa invites us over to watch, “The Crow”.