The big Hot Wheels car show was today. We had six kids bring their car collections and compete for prizes. One of the competitions is display building. Here are Catherine and Kaden next to their displays.

Here is Rosemary next to her display.

We also “auction” the cars for additional points. The judges, all the parents, place Monopoly money under the car they like the most; we use millions. Catherine’s Mopar display won with 14 million.

Here is my display, “Just Another Day at Monster Beach”. I don’t get points or prizes, but everyone took the time to drive trucks and jeeps in the sand!

Here is our track for the racing competition. We race for fun and for pink slips; win a few, lose a few!

Catherine placed first and was awarded a mint condition Johnny Lightning Ecto-1. Rosemary was second. I think Keagan and Kaden were third and fourth.


(Rosemary and Jim are both in the Goth photo shoot in the previous post. Great costumes!)