When my son was born our family received many, many gifts. One, however I am at odds with. It’s a magazine for parenting. There are no men in the pictures, no fathers. There are women, mostly white, smiling mindlessly about floor cleaners and the miracles of modern diapers. All of the women are young and slender, as if they had a child without the nine months of pregnancy, and the children are mostly girls. The few pictures there are of boys, they are either hermaphrodites with long dark curls, or the boy is in trouble. As if boys are the only kind of children who need correction. After several months of this hate-propaganda, I wonder if Joseph Goebbels is the editor spinning another Big Lie. The lie is that families don’t need husbands and fathers.

If this feminist rag hired a sober photographer you would see a man in the background fixing the plumbing, changing the oil, putting medicine in a kitten’s infected eye, washing piles of diapers, cooking dinner while an exhausted mom sleeps, and going to work everyday so mommy can be at home with junior.

A man’s work never ends. On top of all my family to-do’s, I must strive to be my wife’s and my son’s hero; present, strong, generous, able…

Along with the hateful absence of men, there are also no children (or parents) with disabilities. I know children with disabilities and they are no less cute, brilliant, or fun than other kids. Why not have models with disabilities? Why not have dads.

Since this magazine only promulgates an Aryan sylph fantasy, I will no longer set it on my coffee table. And I am too busy to read it anyway; laundry.

As the war against men rages, I am and will continue to be: IRON MAN.