The Allan’s are visiting from Ecuador. They run “Ark Children’s Home” in Rio Bamba, Ecuador. Here is an excerpt from their website:

“The Ark Children’s Homes” was established to care for the homeless children of Riobamba, Ecuador. These children are orphans, abandoned, or children at risk. They are the unwanted and unloved children of Ecuador, but never forgotten by their heavenly Father!

Over the years The Ark has had more than 450 children pass through or remain at the two homes, one which is located in the Andes mountains in Riobamba, and the other recently opened on the edge of the jungle. The children are welcomed to the homes as part of an oversized family where our goal is to provide them with warmth, security and comfort as well as ensuring that all of the children’s basic physical needs are met. Those needs include medical care, dental care, physical therapy, psychological help, education, nutritional food, good clothing, personal possessions, and a comfortable home.

Most importantly, our goal is to show the children the way to their loving Father. The children are taught to trust in God, to pray, to read and learn the Bible and to walk in a way that pleases the Lord. An intimate relationship with God is encouraged. The children become happier, more secure and able to reach out in love to those around them as a result of this relationship to Jesus.

The Ark is home to 80 kids including 24 under 4 years old. Last year our son Isaac opened a new home on the edge of the jungle in Macas and is presently caring for 20 children. The numbers of children change as some are able to return to a family member and others are adopted. In the meantime, more arrive at the door with nowhere to go.

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