so, i clean an office on the weekends. i took the job because it takes no preparation, it is (quite honestly) mindless, and i can be alone for an hour or so with my thoughts. i went in today and started my little routine and it was anything but thoughtless. the office i clean is for an organization called  LOVE 146. they work towards abolishing slavery, human trafficking and freeing and restoring children who are forced into the sex trade. now, when i am there, i never look at anything. ANYTHING. it is a sensitive kind of place with, what i feel, is personal and emotional information on too many precious people. so i never look…occasionally i will leave an obnoxious note on a friends desk, but that is as far as i go. today as i mopped, i saw on a book shelf what seemed to be a childrens book. it caught my eye so i picked it up and opened it. it was a book written to educate street kids on the dangers of predators. the images were not striking or graphic. the text was not in english. but the message was clear. and the message broke my heart. the idea of children being hurt in such a way was too much for me to think about this morning and i broke. i cried and cried. a woman who works there was in her office and talked me down a bit by talking about hope and healing and loving others…all the things you would hope she would say. i said to myself and to her, i dont know how any of them work there, how their hearts can take it day after day…but now that they have that knowledge, how can they NOT be there to offer hope to such beloved and hurting little ones.

i am not sheltered. i have traveled the world and met real people with real hurts. i loved and lost in india..i’ve held dying women. really. i have even known about this issue for a long time, some of my closest people work for and even started this organization. but today, for some reason, was my day to be broken. to feel a sliver of what those children, young woman…anyone enslaved, might feel. just a sliver, and it was enough. enough to break my heart. enough, to come home and write about it. enough to encourage anyone who reads this to click on my link at the top of the page and go to their website and become a sponsor. find your place in helping to heal someone..someone you dont know..but it could be anyone. so think about your neices, nephews, sisters, brothers…what would you do for them in that situation, how far would you go? think about it. and maybe you will choose to stand freedom, justice and hope for these young ones.

(This is post is reprinted by permission from the author, my friend Jesse. I hope it breaks your heart too. You can find her blog here: this cuckoo’s nest and love 146 here.)