I am of the same position as the late Rabbi Jacob Milgrom, that God’s law applies to Jews and is extended to the Judeo-Christian tradition. I don’t think restrictions against homosexuality are for those outside of this multifaceted tradition. I am not saying there won’t be God-given consequences, or that Gays will be happier for their new social liberties. I am saying the exclusion is for those who live according the Book.

There will soon be much pulpeteering and sermonizing that will seethe with quiet hatred and self-righteousness. In the past I have witnessed various trendy persecutions against those involved with: alcohol, divorce, teen sex, rock-n-roll, democrats, commies, environmentalists, abortion and now homosexuals.

I witnessed the persecution, but never a compassionate outreach, or any kind of genuine care for those who disagree with biblical teaching. Unfortunately, I am convinced it will become popular to blame current national troubles on homosexuals.

When I was a teenager I attended a church where the pastor spoke openly against homosexuals to the extent that he incited fear and hatred towards Gays. I began to think terrorism against homosexuals was God’s will. We never prayed for Gays, just feared.

Homosexuals will be blamed for America’s decline because (they will say) God is punishing America for gay marriage.I, for one, will be sitting out of the coming persecution and reaching out to people who need God. I don’t understand homosexual activities, neither do I understand Christian hate.

If you look for me over the coming year, you won’t find me at the witch trials. I’ll probably be doing something more peaceful, like teaching my son to play baseball.