We went for a walk in the mountains late in the morning. We live at the very north of the city, where the mountains begin. It is our first time venturing into the mountains. I have a five-day weekend as it is Korean “Thanksgiving”, everyone returns to their parent’s home for a family meal.

We decided to explore.

This is one of the schools I work at as seen from the back. Our apartment is next to this school, across the street.


The path up the mountain is quite rugged and steep. We worked our way to the top only to find people twice our age working out on this exercise equipment.

Some sadist put exercise equipment ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN! Wow. And elderly people were using it! Every park in town has a children’s playground and a variety of exercise equipment; hard to believe they got it up here, but they did!

We are getting pretty good at reading Korean. This sign shows the other paths along the mountain ridge that you can take to other towns and villages, or just walk the entire ridge.

We plan on doing both when the weather cools down. A nice all day hike.

There are also ancestral grave sites around the mountain. They all face south and have altars for family offerings.

That’s our day so far. We will meet some friends from church tonight, just for fun.