We spent Saturday riding the rails and visiting the Berry’s in Seoul. Mom Goodwin sent the last of our boxes from Montrose (thanks Mom!). The Berry’s were kind enough to hold them for us until we could visit.

The Berry’s have two girls and a son who Kaiser loves to see, it was good for him to visit.

This was our first trip on the KTX “bullet” train. We can be in Seoul in 2.5 hours on a comfortable, clean train. The only “problem” we had the whole time was Kaiser asking a business man across the aisle for cheese and crackers, which the man had just purchased. The kind man gave Kaiser the cheese. Kaiser took a bite and immediately spit it out and said, “YUCK, POOP!”

Seoul train terminal, not too busy for a Saturday.

The Berry’s also invited us to visit the helio base near by. It was pretty cool to see rows of Black hawks. The kids were allowed to jump in and explore; fly. Kaiser sat in silent awe. He has never seen a ‘real’ helicopter. We have several Matchbox that he likes to play with (me too).

To be inside a big man’s helicopter and see all the controls and buttons was great! He’s been in plenty of planes, thanks to Terran and Naomi. I kind of think he was expecting to see both of you there. He’s never been to an airport without you before!

The Berry’s. Thanks for helping, for the tour and the warm hospitality. We had such a great day!