Well, we just went through what parents don’t want to go through: we rushed to the hospital.

Kaiser had been showing signs of teething, runny nose and warm. We thought he was going to get his last molar. We didn’t think much about it, since we have been through this before. Then his fever spiked. He lost his appetite, would not drink and developed a rash all over his body, and then got worse.

We are sure God has His hand on Kaiser. One of my friends from work, whom we socialize with, is married to a doctor. They live two blocks away.His friend is a pediatrician at the children’s hospital.

Tamara walked over, explained everything and he drove over and picked us all up. He called his friend, who would be expecting us.

We drove across town to the children’s hospital and presented our ID cards. That was it. No paper work. We waited for thirty minutes as cold and flue season has started here, but Kaiser waited well.

The pediatrician met with us for a few minutes, examined Kaiser and said, “tonsillitis”.

He wrote a script and sent us home.

Our Korean friend was very understanding and genuinely concerned for Kaiser. He has two kids. He knows what it’s like! An hour after he dropped us off, he returned with his wife, just to make sure we were ok, and to drop off more supplies. Imagine our gratitude.

The whole ordeal took an hour and a half. We were pretty nervous the whole time, hoping Kaiser wouldn’t need a drip line, or have to stay overnight.

Kaiser has all but recovered. He is in good spirits, eating and drinking well, playing and having fun. Last night I took him for a stroll around the neighborhood. We watched the colored lights change in the water fountain for a while. When we got home he took a long bath and went to bed. I said a prayer of thanks.