… you can play forever.

Yes, it’s late. Yes, it’s cold. But when you have a NEW BIKE, you can’t sleep! No kid can sleep when they have a new bike!

I’m going to tell the story backward from this picture so you can see how the day unfolded.

Basically, our friends took Kaiser to the toy store to pick out his new bike for himself. We had no idea our day together would go in this direction, but it did. We were saving up for a nice bike for Kaiser. This one is even better than what we had in mind. It’s well-made, sturdy and he will grow into it. And it has Kaiser’s favorite cartoon character on it, Pororo, the most famous penguin in Korea! He watches Pororo several times a day and laughs and laughs, we kinda like it too(!).

But to be a kid and have a Pororo bike is just too much, he’s so excited. He even shared with some kids at the park who didn’t have a bike like the rest of the kids. If I may say, no one shared their bike with Kaiser before. It was in his heart to do this. Here are some pictures from the toy store.

Before we went to the toy store, we stopped by a wonderful tea house. This neighborhood was so nice and had so much personality, it reminded me of Seattle.

Here we are: Auntie Jeongsu, Tamara and Kaizy; Mr. (Dr.) Yeum and Mark.

Our gracious and generous hosts for the day. Thank you!

Before we went out for tea, we headed to the city center for the city-wide music festival. There were venues everywhere! It was great to be immersed in Korean culture and learn and experience so much in an afternoon!

Kaiser and Jeongsu.

That’s how we ended up at the park at night with the happiest boy in town on a Pororo two-wheeler. It was a day to remember!

Here is a picture of the fountain at night. We come here often just to watch. It’s nice.