This is one of the schools I teach at. I work at two middle schools, Monday and Tuesday at the first, Wednesday-Friday at the second. And yes, this is a middle school, over five-hundred middle school students. This MS is three blocks from the other MS I work at; that’s a lot of kids!

I work eight hours a day with some great teachers. Basically, I assist the Korean teachers who teach English. They’re great to work with, very smart and good humored. And they all drink coffee. Coffee all day!

Here are some pictures of my walk home. I leave work at 4:30. The students leave at 3:30. So there aren’t droves of students out at this time. Usually there are seas of kids in various school uniforms. I know my students by their tartan. Every school has it’s own uniforms.

Our neighborhood. This is where we go for walks, to play and to eat. There are dozens of cafes and restaurants here, just pick one and have a great meal! In the bottom picture, third building from the left, is our apartment building.

Our (new) home.