We took Kaiser to the Doc because of his slight fever and cough and the Doctor admitted him to the hospital for the week. So Tamara will live at the hospital with him until Friday, and I will work during the day and go to the hospital in the evenings.

Kaiser was diagnosed with croup and bronchitis, but we got to the hospital before it was bad. Tamara shares the room with two other moms with a child. They sleep in the hospital bed with their child. Kaiser is still getting used to wearing a drip line; he can’t run or jump.Tamara has already had nine visitors who brought arm loads of food and gifts, great coffee and love and prayers. Thank you Mr. Yeum and Jeongsoo for helping again!

Everyone is in good spirits. This is a pediatric hospital, it’s on the bus route and I can walk. We just have to get through the week. Please pray for Kaiser’s recovery and Tamara’s encouragement.

(Mom, Tamara will call as soon as she can.)