Our neighbors invited us out for dinner. We left at 4:30, right after work, and got home at 9:00. We drove to another city called, Damyang, it’s beautiful and quiet. This restaurant is tucked right next to a mountain with a beautiful waterfall cascading fifty feet from the window at our table.

After a traditional Korean dinner, we came here for tea.

Here’s Kaiser being spoon fed Korean culture. These great little tea houses and restaurants are every where. Each one has it’s own personality and charm. This one has hand made tea cups and spoons.

After tea, we went for coffee. “Angel-in-Us” cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Korea. Although, there are a dozen great coffee shops in our neighborhood. You’ll never have a bad cup of coffee in Korea. This cafe is three clocks from our apartment. I usually go here Sunday night to write and finish lesson plans.