Mmm, delicious late night breakfast! Last night, I stayed up late to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 with Tamara. Kyz went to bed early, so we had some, um, what’s it called, “free time”? I think that’s what it was. We had snacks and watched the MST version of “The Magic Sword”.

Funny how much the burger in the bag matches the burger on the bag. Kidding. It was only a dollar. The beer is a buck-fifty and the buttery squid chips are a buck-forty. For a few dollars we had a nice little party.

Tonight is Family Night. We have our devotions, pray for family and friends, scratch in the journal and watch a kid movie. Mr. Yeum, our illustrious friend, donated at least fifteen movies to the kid-movie library; never a shortage of colorful digital celluloid. Tonight, however, we will watch the original 1966 “Batman, The Movie”.  It’s one of the worst movies ever made. I love it, especially the shark attack and Robin climbs back into the helicopter to get the large can of shark repellent. It’s almost as believable as “The Avengers” with Steed and Emma. Funny stuff.

Off for another can of Red.