Here are some new blogs I discovered that I will be following. I like blogs that are positive towards family, despite life’s many challenges, insightful through humor, and feature food. I love food blogs.

Love 146 is a rescue ministry for children engaged in prostitution and pornography. It was created by my friend from my Mercy Ships days, Rob Morris.

Visit love146


Stepping Stones is a spiritual growth blog written by my friend Lacy. Her strength in writing devotions is that she’s honest: it ain’t easy. Her honesty and humor is refreshing!

Visit steppingstones


Troop Petrie is a family blog. You can follow the family’s military life, six kids and recipes! There are a lot of pictures and great stories!

Visit trooppetrie


This Busy Dad is a fun dad blog. He knows what makes a blog worth returning to! He posts great stories, lots of pictures and he has a great sense of humor, especially in parenting!

Visit busydad


I’m always looking for a great, new read, and these are the best ones, please take the time to visit them!