On Saturday morning, I put Kaiser in the “Jeep” (stroller) and walked him about three miles into town. There is a toy store that we like to visit. We spent almost an hour in the store looking at everything, especially all of Papa’s trucks: anything that is “construction” yellow, has track, or big knobby tires, and can push, pile or scoop dirt–is most definitely PAPA’s truck. (Can you guess who Kaiser’s hero is?!!) Pretty things are Grandma. After the toy store we went down the street for a burger and fries, it helps keep him American. And then off to the park (and then another park) on the way home. We were gone for five hours, which was five hours of free time for Mom.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to our first professional soccer game: The Gwangju FC versus the Pohang Steelers! The team gave a hundred tickets away, and Tamara scored three for us! This is one of the reasons we moved here, so we could take Kyz to things like this and enrich his life.