In sickness and in health, rain or shine. I am the sole survivor of the recent miseries that ruined our little Saturday. We had plans. I had plans.

I picked up three 1950’s suspense movies and a romantic comedy with Jack Lemon. I thought, rather foolishly, that we would have leisure time, family time; alone time. Maybe even a little romance. Nope. More like a little boy with an ear infection, a trip to the hospital, and a wife trying to fight off a cold. Tamara and I spent the day taking turns holding Kaiser.

We had ice cream for dinner and pizza for breakfast.

Kyz had some play energy in between miseries. We played Hot Wheels and Legos, in-door soccer, baseball and Calvin ball. Otherwise he was listless and uncomfortable. Mother’s love sustained him, husband love maintained her.

Mostly he just laid in bed, watching the 80’s Transformers’ movie and Pooh’s Heffalump movie. I’ll bet Kyz had some strange dreams!

Kyz loves it when we make his stuffed animals talk to him, he can talk to Kona the turtle, Sponge Bob, Teddy and monkey all day. Tamara and I would like to incorporate puppets in to his regular playtime, reading time and family time. We can’t get puppets here (really, I looked.) If you, dear reader, have any experience with puppets, playing with them, or making them, please leave suggestions. This is our new family project.

Not a bad weekend, just one to make the next weekend even better.

For movie fans, here are the 50’s movies I picked:

Pffft” with Jack Lemon

“Across the Bridge”


And one for Dad (me): “The Mechanic” with Charles Bronson

Be blessed. Keep your vows. Watch a good movie.