Wednesday was a federal holiday, schools were closed for voting, so I didn’t have to work. We had an easy morning, had lunch then took a bus, and then another bus, across town to visit an orphanage. This is the orphanage that Tamara goes to for her language class. The classes are taught by the kids! Most of the kids speak enough English to interact; so they get English, while the adult students get Korean. Perfect. All we did was play, the ministry of play crosses all cultural boundaries.

I have to mention that Tamara’s parents are visiting Ark Children’s Home, in Riobamba, Ecuador. Like mother (and father) like daughter.

While we walked to a bus stop we found, “Kaiser Hof”, a German style beer hall. I think I know where I’m going for my birthday(!); which is the same night “Sky Fall”, the new Bond movie, comes out. This is the first Bond movie to be released for IMAX. There is an IMAX downtown. You can guess where I’ll be. Don’t call, I’ll be busy.

Also, while walking to the bus stop, we stopped by a cafe for a snack. Kaiser thought we where there for a cake. Sorry boy, cakes are for birthdays. Soon.