We got a box in the mail, it was full of Micro Machines! A collector I know had extras and sent them for us to play with. These are perfect for boys: fire trucks, police, military and farm.

Two of the fire trucks are pretty special. One has an extending boom and the other has an extending ladder. Both have stabilizers and opening doors. Now that’s cool.

The military pieces open to reveal even smaller Micro Machines! A Micro Machine can sit within a nickel, so you can imagine how small the two jeeps are!

Yes, he sent buildings too! Both buildings have working bay doors, they both open in the back for storage and they both light up.

I was so surprised to see all the great pieces he sent for Kyz. Micro Machines came out in the Eighties and these are in great shape! They are also highly collectable. He could have sold these if he wanted to, but he sent them to us instead. We will give them a good home!