For the past two weeks students have been busy with tests and exams. I myself spent one full week administering a “speaking” test to my students, all 500. Each student was prepared with a list of twelve questions, of which, I would ask five; we would have a “conversation”.

The week following, students faced a battery of exams. They have been very (very) busy. Additionally, most students attend night school. It’s not uncommon for the average student to attend eleven hours of schooling. It’s nice that schools indulge the students at the end of the semester. These pictures are of  “Sports Day”, classes face off in fun competitions. Next week students will have three days of excursions–school field trips. I and my family will be in Busan visiting the beach, the aquarium and a nice hotel. ((pictures pending…)

My favorite team costumes were the “Van Goghs”: large straw sun hat and t-shirt with a large sunflower, the “Zombie Squad”: simple blue t-shirt with a zombie face, Motto, “Win or Die”. I also liked the “Pajama Girls”, just pink pajamas. Simple and silly.