Saturday was Children’s Day and our friends kindly thought of Kaiser. Jeongsu and Mr. Yeom took Kaiser (us) out for lunch with their family. We ate at a really nice restaurant called, “Ashley’s”, we had a buffet lunch. To drink, we had non-alcoholic-wine-black-tea, which was very nice. Jeongsu also had gifts for Kaiser: a Pororo t-shirt, new sandals and a hand-made card. Jeongsu is all heart and Kaiser adores her.

After lunch, Mr. Yeom suggested a walk and some playtime at the beautiful campus where his daughter studies. The campus is really beautiful. Even though it’s in the city it feels secluded. It is tucked away, overlooking the city with the mountains in the background. It reminded me of my old school in Seattle.

Test driving the new shoes.

After our Children’s Day lunch with Jeongsu and Mr. Yeom, we went home and rested. I watched the 50’s SciFi classic, “Destination Moon”. Then we got ready for a bus ride downtown for dinner. Tamara needed some Mexican food, we found an Outback Steakhouse and had a great meal!