We made it to Busan without any trouble, it’s only a three hour bus ride from where we live. It was a really easy trip to put together on short notice. A taxi to the bus station, buy a ticket, got on the bus and go! The funny thing about the bus trip is that as soon as the bus started to back out and leave, everyone immediately went to sleep. Koreans are so used to public transportation that they automatically sleep on such trips. We stared out the window.

As Busan is an international city, there is much to do, and everything is conveniently located or easy to get to. The Busan subway system is great, affordable and quick! All we really wanted to do though is go to the aquarium and to the beach.

There are several beaches in Busan, the most famous being Haeundae Beach, but we stayed near Gangwalli Beach, which was across the street from our hotel. The street is lined with cafes and restaurants. On our last night we ordered a pizza on the beach and daddy had his beer while Kyz played in the sand. We watched the sun set over the ocean. Ah…

Tamara found this great children’s museum. It was full of hands-on science exhibits. Kaiser pushed every flashing button and pulled every lever. And we let him loose in the play area for about an hour, running and jumping with other kids.  Then we strolled around outside, visiting the butterfly house, another play area and the giant robot. Tamara sat in the shade enjoying wine and cheese and watching her boys play.

Busan, we’ll be back!