Happy Mother’s day to my wife, Tamara. You deserve more than cake and roses!

I think Tamara is the best Mom in the world because of her amazing super powers. She is amazingly slow—slow to anger. She is never quick to judge what our little boy might be trying to say, or do. She always takes the time to understand him before she decides anything, and she always gives him a choice.

Tamara adapted well to Korean society, learning Korean ways, making friends and learning the language. She turned a small apartment into a home and a sanctuary. Kaiser and I always enjoy coming home and being with Mom.

Tamara can make the most out of any situation, whether we are waiting for a bus, or trying to figure out a new Korean social puzzle, she enjoys the moments and accepts the challenges with a happy heart.

As a role model, Tamara shows our son how to be patient and joyful, appreciative and playful. She is teaching him to read English and Korean, how to try new things, to share with others and to be a light.

Happy Mother’s Day, Babe, you’re doing a great job!