Will you marry me?

Will you cook for me; wash and fold the laundry?

Will you take care of the cars, buy good ones and keep them in good condition?

Will you protect our home from darkness? Will you keep an open home, making it a light and a sanctuary?

Will you care for lost kittens and birds with broken wings?

Will you take care of your health for me, ensuring a long, happy life?

Will you plan for our future?

Will you walk with me through grief and loss?

Will you teach our child to be a good man, read to him and play with him?

Will you teach our son courage and integrity, respect for life and God?

Will you endeavor and never quit?

Will you care for me after a car crash, standing vigil over me?

Will you keep your sense of humor?

When I said “I do” to Tamara nine years ago, I didn’t realize I would be saying “yes” to all of this, but “I do”, I have and I will.

I love you Tamara, happy anniversary!