While Momma was out enjoying free time, I took Kyz to the park for a few hours of playtime. We loaded his backpack with dozers and dump trucks, bubbles, a soccer ball and snacks, jumped on the bike and strolled a few blocks.

When we got home several hours later, I was in the kitchen making something to eat and realized, with a jolt of parental caution (cold fear) that it has been very quiet in the other room. I peaked around the corner and spied my son going through all of his books. Whew. He was reading. Relief.

Later, after the day’s events, Mom came home, we ate together and watched a family movie, I walked two miles into town–I usually do on the weekend. The picture above is the playing field across from our home. It looks like this all day; families and friends enjoying time together.

When I got home from my walk a couple hours later, I found my son already tucked in and sleeping, still holding his helicopter. I hope it flies him into some wonderful dreams.

My agency is sending me out of town for the week. I’ll update the blog and post pictures when I get home.