I spent a week at the English Immersion Camp in Hwasun. The purpose of the camp is to accelerate and nurture the language abilities of middle school students. There were thirty boys in our camp from various schools around Gwangju, and four native-speaking English teachers: one Irish, one English and two Americans. As it is English immersion camp, the boys are strongly encouraged to speak English only, those who forget enjoyed doing push-ups(!).

We spent half of our time in the classroom doing activities and half our time outside doing other activities and playing sports. The guys worked in teams to do science experiments, make a movie and do various kinds of puzzles and races.

Considering none of the boys had met before, they got along really well and always showed their best side. Everyone worked together, contributed and helped.

No boys camp is complete without flirting with girls in the forbidden zone. There were some students from another school and those students were female. Some of the boys were playing a different game on the soccer pitch; four Romeos and four Juliets, ahh, young love…