We were very fortunate to be invited by our friends, Mr. Yeom and his wife Jeongsu, to visit a beautiful Buddhist temple.

This temple is a part of Tibetan Buddhism. There are winding paths around ponds and bamboo forests that lead to little shrines, temples and statures of Buddha. The museum holds many actual artifacts of Tibetan Buddhism, along with these many cultural treasures, we noticed a small statue of Joseph and young Jesus, and a picture of a tapestry portraying the life of Jesus. There were also some Hindu artifacts.

This temple is known for its care of mothers and fathers who have experienced miscarriage and child loss. A large part of the temple grounds is set aside for prayer and remembrance. There is an altar where parents can leave something that reminds them of their child. It was quite sad to see all the little things not being played with. I am glad that there is a place for parents who need to pray and seek solace. This remote temple is a perfect place to walk, think and pray.

Apparently me and the Buddha visit the same barber. He probably gets his cut for free. He’s the Buddha.

You could shoot pictures here all day, everything is beautiful, sad, quiet and full of stories. We were very glad to receive the invitation and road trip with friends. It’s always refreshing to take in the Korean countryside and learn a little more about the Land of the Morning Calm.

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