Having my own personal Ewok has reminded me of so many simple wonders. When I think of Summer, I think of my teaching contract, lesson plans and some kind of hurried vacation. Summer feels like work. But for a three year old boy, the miracle of Summer comes after the miracle of Spring, which rightly follows the miracle of Winter. Such wonders!

In Summer we find bugs and frogs, we follow paths, we watch golden Koi glide along lotus. Such mysteries!

After many years of soldiering an adult life, I get to see Summer again, young and unencumbered. There are cartoons to enjoy, pictures to color, songs to sing, friends to play with, girls to ponder; beaches, buses, grandparents, birthdays, and ice cream…

Summer is one long Saturday.

Tomorrow Little Stinker officially turns three. He’ll learn to shave, borrow the car, have a sweetheart and go to college. But until then, there are castles to build, Hot Wheels to race and hot dogs to eat.

Happy birthday son, enjoy the Summer.