We celebrated Kaiser’s third birthday this past week and had a lot of fun! Everyone we know pitched in and made this day so memorable. So many families blessed us with their hospitality and generosity. When we moved here ten months ago we didn’t know anyone, but there were over forty people at the birthday party. Thank you everyone! The picture at the top shows the cake Tamara made to look like the Space Shuttle, Kaiser loved it!

In the picture below there is a cake with Pororo that our wonderful friends shared when we went out for lunch. The restaurant we went to is for family events, the whole second floor is a large play area for kids!

No blog post is complete without a picture of Kaiser and JeongSu. She took Kaiser to the toy store and let him pick a present, which was a very generous gesture of friendship! I think Kaiser was going to have seizures while trying to decide. He settled on an RC Lightning McQueen  and a lazer gun. Kaiser is officially Spaceman Spiff!

The above picture is Kyz running around in a deep cake and frosting haze.

Below is Kaiser and Kayden in the middle of playing Hot Wheels. They were playing with the large parking garage that their (awesome) uncles gave Kyz.

The other picture is of the growth chart Tamara uses to see how much Kaiser has grown; he has grown so much and it’s all legs!


Thanks everyone for making this day so wonderful!