I had to work Saturday morning and when I got home, Tamara left to babysit a friend’s child. So me Kyz had to make our own plans: lunch (fill the tummy) catch a bus to Toys-R-Us to see new Hot Wheels and dinos.

Since it’s a leisure day, there is no rush and nothing to accomplish, so I let Kyz practice his stunts on the granite barriers. When we first moved here, he needed a hand, now he doesn’t need any help, in fact, he can run across the tops of all of them!

(top) Ninja pose.

(bottom) Four hours later, ninja slumber. He had a good nap on the bus, I carried him home from the bus stop. When we got home he woke up for another four hours of playtime. We read books, ate dinner and watched re-runs of Batman.

Then teeth brushing and off to bed.