I just received the newest set of photos from Tamara. She and Kaiser are in Colorado during July for Wes’ wedding, while I remain in Korea b/c of my contract. Who do you think is having the most fun? HINT: it’s not me.

In the picture above, Kaiser and Grandma water just about everything. Also, Uncle Wolverine, Lanae (who smiles) Keagan and Kaiser enjoying snacks in the backyard.

(above) Tamara and Kaiser landed on Planet Tuttle for a few hours to visit one of our favorite families.  John, entertainer and professional uncle, kept Kaiser happy with his antics. And yes, my son is wearing a camo apron. It’s his tool apron. Grandma made it for his (very own) set of Black & Decker carpentry tools. (below) Kyz must be thrilled to be at Grandma and Grandpa’s for a whole month: surrounded by family, playing with cousins, eating ice cream on hot days, farm animals, swimming pool, no city buses…

Hams. Three little hams.

My son has some pretty good kids to play with in Korea, but certainly no substitutes for his cousins; full of life, silliness and cheese-n-crackers.

Uncle Arlin is preparing for his fund raising yard sale for his trip to China. You can read about it and see more pictures on his blog,

Blazing New Trails.

What do I do all day? Not much. My two reasons for being here are in Colorado, so I mostly just pass the time.

I had a few movies set aside and watched one last night: Sector 7. It’s a Korean horror (yawn) movie. It’s about an oil drilling crew off the coast of Jeju Island who discover a new species–and it loves Korean food! The movie rightly deserves its low rating, they worked very hard to earn it.

There are only seven people on the whole rig: one captain, two scientists and four crew. Who does the cooking? Who’s operating the rest of the rig? If there are thousands of creature spawn, why is there only one monster? How did the motorcycles get on the rig? And what kind of director hides a monster in day light, you always conceal the monster in shadows and at night!

I dunno. But as much as I hate this movie, I really like it.