I had a free afternoon today and decided to take a bus to Toys-R-Us, just to look. Despite the rain and the hour-long bus ride, it was nice to get out.

I was really surprised to see new Hot Wheels and found three I had to have: Sting Rod II, ’67 Chevelle SS 396 $uper $ecret Trea$ure Hunt, and a ’71 Mustang Boss 351. Great looking cars! I found a few other great models, but at $2.00 each, I had to choose. Two I left behind were an un-riveted Tow Jam and Sandblaster with a disconnected roll bar. I probably could’ve traded the errors, but I was saving the money for a cup of coffee.

I also found a military play set at 50% off, but left that too.

Christmas in July!