I quit watching T.V. the first time I saw Rosanne Barr on her television show. That was a time when T.V. was definitely making people dumb.

I quit listening to the radio because of Journey, Van Halen, Janet Jackson and many others. And it’s not really because of these bands, but the prevailing attitude that this is how music is supposed to sound; “THIS is music”. Some people never recover their music sensibilities from their generation’s musical taste. Too bad. There’s a lot of great music to discover and re-discover.

These are the classics for me, singers and song writers, performers and jesters; those whom I trust with my speakers and my time.

If I ever made waffles, or poured beer into a mason jar, grilled a steak or made chili for you, then you’ve stood in my kitchen and heard my music. Although my mix is eclectic: college bands, punk, chill, garage, indie, fringe, experimental…there is always something from the artists shown above. It’s just how I help heal your ears and your heart. I’m that kind of rock-n-roll rebel.

I can’t make all the bad things go away, but I can cook a good meal, pour a Newcastle and provide shelter for travelers.

(yes, i know, there are twelve)