“I saw a clearing in the clouds today, much to my surprise, yeah
The winds of change are blowing love my way
Sure as the sun is gonna rise, you know I can’t hold it back,
Nothin’ but blue skies now and long-awaited days
To know how You love me, ooh, has helped me change my ways…”

Bryan Duncan “Blue Skies”

I took the bus out to Suwon, walked around town, went to the river and watched a white crane walking along the shore.

I didn’t have any real business, just wanted to go on a little trip. During the bus ride back, I got off the bus a few stops early to visit the DVD rental shop. I picked up these three movies: “Attack of the Sabre Tooth” “The Town”and “특.수.본” a popular Korean police movie. Should be pretty good!

Need another blue sky song? Here’s another of my favorites by Lemon.