Since I didn’t have a dad I have to read books on how to raise a healthy child. Ironically I hate self-help books and advice gurus, and I’m not fond of dogmatic optimists, psychoanalysts, religious fundamentalists, life coaches and greasy well-suited cheerleaders or preachy folk of any color. I don’t trust anyone who thinks they’re right, because people who stop asking questions stop learning–and I have a lot to learn. So it’s books and coffee for me. After I process a learning point I run it by my wife and we talk about it, then make adjustments as needed.

The only parenting books I brought with me to Korea are: “Traits of a Healthy Family” and “If I were starting my Family again”. These authors, Delores Curran and John Drescher, don’t take sides in the culture wars, they just present their sound insight and trust the reader’s duty to praxis.

Peaches are in season now and all the street vendors and markets have them by the case. I bought these for my family’s return for $15.00. Not a bad price, they are nearly the size of a softball.

They will be perfectly ripe by tomorrow.

I bought this classic, vintage fire truck for my son. It’s almost as old as I am; maybe in better shape!

It’s a 1974 Matchbox Super King “K-9 Fire Tender”. It’s seven inches long with a double ladder on a rotating base. The ladder is also metal! I love that is has a double axle in the front and it’s a Denver fire truck!

Too cool to pass up, only paid $4.00.

I know things like this don’t provide profound and lasting happiness, but it is cool, and boys and dads like cool trucks.

I think I found the happiest guy in Gwangju, it’s this guy. We never see American trucks here in South Korea, only the smaller local version of a working man’s truck. The local trucks are cool, but when you see an American pick-up truck, you look twice and take a picture! The driver, sitting comfortably behind tinted glass, noticed that I was taking a picture of his truck and gave a cool guy pose. Usually I get a sour look when I take pictures here, but this guy knew he was cool; that’s how I know he’s the happiest guy here.