After one long month, my wife and son finally returned from their vacation in Colorado. They flew into Incheon Airport (South Korea) and took an express bus to Gwangju, where we live. I was waiting there in the bus terminal/cultural center. There is the (huge) bus terminal, IMAX, endless shopping, cafes and dozens of restaurants. I waited in a little cafe near the arrival area. They were due in at 2200 hours, I left the cafe at 2139 hours, walked down the hall and there they were there already, the bus was early! I think all three of us were glad that their travels had come to a happy ending and we could all rest together.

I promised my son that I would bring a special gift for him, it’s a Siku (German made) front loader: big knobby tires, articulated chassis, working bucket. Perfect for a boy who likes to dig in the sand!

While I was preparing this blog post (at work) a repair crew came in to replace the air conditioner. Cool. It is typically 100* during the day this time of year, a new aircon would be great! I gave each of them an ice-cold bottle of Sprite.

They draped a plastic sheet over the cubical to protect everything from dust, etc… I was, however, figuring out three new card games I had just purchased: Martian Fluxx, Star Fluxx and Chrononauts. Tamara and I love Monty Python Fluxx, so we picked up a few more decks. I plan on playing Star Fluxx tonight! If you aren’t familiar with FLUXX card games and you want to add some real fun to your life, hit this link: Tell me more!