It seems that life is getting back to normal; Wes is married, family have returned home and daily routines make life safe and comfortable. My wife and son are getting over jet lag, so we’re pretty much all using the same clock now.

I took my son on an hour bus ride to another part of the city called Suwon; it’s where Toys-R-Us is located. And ice cream. And Hot Wheels. And hamburgers!

I really don’t mind the long bus ride, there are several massive construction sites where high-rises are going up. Me and my boy like to see all the activity: diggers, dumpers and mixers working together. There are also dozens of boom cranes preparing to hoist I-beams, and that’s just cool!

This part of town reminds me of Singapore: urban paradise. The city, with all its traffic, bricks, cables, high-rise glass fronts and commercial enterprise, is set into a beautiful natural setting. You can walk in the front door of a major shopping center, shop with hundreds of people, and walk out the back door of the same building and walk along a quiet river board walk. The two of us were the only ones enjoying the river walk. After an hour of strolling and turtle scouting, we went back into the shopping center and rode the glass high-rise elevator, getting a nice view of the city and distant hills, then hiked back to the bus stop.


We always stop and get a cold juice to enjoy while we wait for the #10 to take us back to Mom. Kyz fell asleep in the comfort of the air conditioned bus. For a total of $14.00 and five hours, he had a fun adventure.