We picked up a ten-gallon aquarium recently, so I took Kyz to the pet store to pick out some fish. There is a pet store eight or ten blocks away, which we can walk to, and another a mile away, which we’d have to ride the bus to visit.

The closest pet store is actually inside a grocery store. It always seems strange to go to the store for bread and milk and see parrots and turtles. As an English major, I’d like to use the word menagerie: a form of keeping common and exotic animals in captivity. They have: ferret, hedge hog, song birds and parrots, parakeets, turtles, cats, bunnies, crayfish, small tortoise and one large land tortoise, and a wall of aquariums. Oh, and chickens.

So while you are buying potatoes you can also buy a gar pike.

The second pet store only has fish; one large wall of aquariums. The room is lit-up with the lights from the aquariums. (There is something peaceful about light filtered through water.) The front window of this store is also a large display for gold fish (shown in the first picture).

I took Kaiser on the bus to the fish store store but it wasn’t open yet, so we took the bus back to the large pet zoo. I let him peruse the wall of aquariums and choose the fish he wanted. We now have a red sword-tail Molly and three striped Danio.