Today is the first anniversary of our arrival in Korea. Getting to Korea was much more difficult than being here. I had to turn in my notice at work, lease my house, get a property manager, get rid of everything I own, fill out piles of documents… One of the biggest blessings then was staying with Tamara’s parents, seeing them everyday filled Kaiser’s heart, adding love to love. When he and Tamara went back for Wes’ wedding, Kaiser felt right at home.

Coming to Korea wasn’t a difficult decision, Tamara and I love to travel and try new things and we think (hope) that traveling at an early age will add to our son’s life experience. We want him to have stories. Memories. Adventures.

During our first year here, he has: flown over the ocean three times, been to three major cities, traveled on subways, buses and taxis, experienced Confucian and Buddhist culture; traditional culture, visited ancient temples, seen the national Taekwondo team, attended an international church, visited world-class museums, tried new foods, etc…

From where we live, we have easy access to Japan, China and Singapore. If we plan ahead we can easily visit these countries.

Most importantly Tamara gets to stay home with her son. She gets to be his first teacher. She helps him make friends, learn to play and interact properly and to be helpful. They went to the Yeousu World Expo three times. Tamara’s heart will always be full of mother/son memories.

Tamara also handles our social calendar, developing relationships with the many wonderful Koreans we have met along the way.

Instead of posting dozens of pictures to review the year, I am only posting this one, my favorite.