On Sunday afternoon we met with friends and visited a hermitage, it’s famous for the poets who lived there. The house is along a trail in a thick bamboo forest. The path follows a creek into the woods leading up to the secluded buildings. This is our second visit here and we happily returned.

We were fortunate enough to come here before with our friends, Mr. Yeom and his wife Jeungsu, here’s the link if you want to see the forest in winter: Winter Hermitage. It was great to see the old home in two seasons with various seasonal colors. (more to read below)

This was a night of memories for us as we re-visited a favorite restaurant too; we had been here before. This restaurant is locally renown for it’s fine Korean meals. During our first visit here at the same time last year, I was sure I could never show my face here again. At the time Kasier was only two-years old and still in diapers. Well, he filled one, and I, having no where to put it, left it under the table.

I might as well have put this note on it: “Thanks for the great meal and hospitality. I left a rank diaper just for you. It’s from America.”


Note on blurry pictures: I like ’em. Not everything in life waits for perfect moments. If it’s alive it moves.