Tamara was pretty tired when I got home from work, so I made dinner while she rested. After dinner I took Kaiser for a bike ride. He doesn’t want or need me to push him anymore, he can go and stop by himself now.

The Family Mart on the corner always has a basball game on so we stopped by for apple juice and to watch some of the game. Our local team is the Kia Tigers, which is cool because I’m from Detroit, I still need to get a “D” ball cap.

Funny, he went for the coffee first–not sure where he picked up that bad habit. (am I a bad parent?)

I like taking pictures of my favorite little action hero doing his stunts, even if they’re blurry. He runs, he jumps, he karate chops! And sometimes falls. While he was getting ready for his spectacular run/jump stunt, he missed a step and lost his balance, and fell off the small platform. He caught himself, but still hit his knee pretty hard. His crying level was one notch above normal, so I knew he really hurt himself. I scooped him up, checked for cuts (none) and comforted him.

There was a Korean couple watching and probably thought I was an idiot. Korean kids don’t do stunts, gymnastics, or public displays of physical prowess. I’m sure I was judged harshly for this. And, to add to my seemingly deficit of parental concern, I let my son ride his bike home even though it was starting to rain. He loved it. He was both wet and laughing when we got home. Two happy guys doing what guys do.      (more below)

The sea food restaurant near by got some prawns in, they’re 6-8 inches long! Monsters! The bottom/right picture is an eel, which will soon be in someone’s bowl. I wonder if he had a name; I mean besides what’s on the menu.

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