While I was sitting at work, on the fourth floor of a large Korean middle school, the school secretary brought a box into the office. It was for me(!). Our postman knows I work here so he just had it brought up for me. Nice guy.

Since I never (ever) get mail—I was a little excited. It was from a collector buddy in Canada. He sent a set of the highly-anticitpated “Off Road” racers from Hot Wheels! Quite a while ago I mentioned that the black truck, “Sand Blaster” is one of my favorite HW’s trucks. We can’t get any of these in Korea, so you can imagine how excited I was to see them, and even more so, when I brought the box home for my little boy. He was even more excited! (more to read…)

All boys love trucks and race cars, mine especially. As excited as he was to play with the trucks, he was even more excited to play with the Indy car. He was actually asking for one not long ago, but it’s nearly impossible to get die cast cars here. Now we have some great HW’s racers to take to the sand lot when we go to play! Let me hear you say TRUCK YEAH!

“Redneck rockin’ like a rockstar
Sling a lil’ mud off the back, we can do that
Friday night football, Saturday Last Call, Sunday Hallelujah
If you like it up loud and you’re hillbilly proud
Then you know what I’m talking about

Let me hear you say, Truck Yeah
Wanna get it jacked up yeah
Let’s crank it on up yeah
With a little bit of luck I can find me a girl with a Truck Yeah
We can love it on up yeah
‘Til the sun comes up yeah
And if you think this life I love is a little too country
Truck Yeah!”

Song by Tim MCgraw